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Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist banks in improving asset quality and increasing net earnings.  Our objective is to maintain an ongoing relationship with our client banks which will enable us to fully understand the bank’s goals and objectives, while ensuring that the bank’s trust and confidence is well placed.

We focus on identification of the various risk factors which impact the bank’s asset base and earnings.  The major risk areas are credit, market, operational, liquidity, capital, legal, technology and compliance and aspects of each may impact the quality of the bank’s assets and the level of earnings.

Our services will aid the bank in the identification and monitoring of the various risk factors and risk trends.  In turn management will be able to utilize this information in the formulation of the bank’s strategic plan. 

We are a consulting company that focuses on risk identification and risk management, with a specialty in loan review.   Our goal is to help the management of financial institutions reduce risk and improve profitability by providing skilled analysis in all facets of lending and in regulatory compliance.



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